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Incogntio is the most effective mosquito deterrent I have found…and it smells good. It does not ruin your cocktail hour with nasty chemical tastes. We keep a constant supply in our home in Sri Lanka, because everyone who visits wants a bottle.

Katrina Phillips, April 2007.


Hi incognito,

I just wanted to let you know how well your mosquito protection spray works!

I travel often to far off destinations, which sometimes are home to wondrous scenery, divine food, warm people and occasionally to those damn blood-sucking bugs!

However on my recent trip to Goa I didn't mind the little critters so much, as i used your wonder spray and it actually kept the mosquitos at bay.

So many thanks for this product - I wont be traveling to mosquito-ridden countries without it!

Taj Virdee,

P.S. I quite liked the packaging too!


Dear incognito,

A Big thank you for making my travels enjoyable again. I have just returned from Kenya and found your product great. For years I’ve been bugged by just about every insect under the sun, especially mosquitoes and travelling to most places was unbearable.

I tried every natural mosquito repellent available with limited success. I started using incognito a couple of months ago in South America and have found it to be the best repellent I have ever come across and hence it has given me a new lease of freedom to travel abroad.

Please can you give me your bulk prices?

Yours faithfully,

Nigel Barklem
CEO Henley Media


I am very glad to have Incognito in our stores. While it is based solely on natural essential oils, after a recent trip to the rainforest where I expected to get eaten alive, I can confirm that it does the business.

Al Overton
Health & Bodycare Buyer
Planet Organic


Traveling to a number of countries over the years, especially to places where the heat and humidity are severe has caused me a lot of discomfort and irritation from time to time as a result of being bitten by mosquitoes and other like minded creatures who take pleasure in biting individuals like myself. On a recent trip to the Caribbean I was lucky enough to buy a newly introduced product to the marketplace supplied by UK based incognito. Having used the product over the 15days that I spent overseas, watching the cricket, I noticed that I received hardly any irritation from these creatures, which to say the least was most comforting.

Based on this experience I would have no hesitation in recommending the product to many of my friends who currently are planning their holidays to countries where no doubt the mosquito population are getting ready to cause as much discomfort as possible to those unwary holidaymakers once they arrive.

Colin Rutt, PBC Business Consultant, May 2007


I would like to thank you for making our latest trip to Bali such an unmitigated success. Normally, our five year old daughter gets bitten all over by mosquitoes and other insects but after using your natural mosquito repellent, she was bite free. So I would thoroughly recommend incognito to anybody wishing to avoid bites for them and their children. I had in the past used deet which actually made her vomit! Do you by any chance make any mosquito protection clothing?

Nicky Hall, April 07


When mummy takes me to Singapore Zoo, I love seeing all the different animals there. But there are some creatures that I don't want seeing me! Mosquitoes! That's why mummy sprays me with incognito, to make me invisible to them. Now I can have fun watching the lions, zebras and giraffes without those pesky mosquitoes even realising I'm there. Mummy says the best thing of all is that with its 100% natural ingredients it doesn't do my baby soft skin any harm. So if you want to have fun but you don't want nasty itchy bites on your skin, use incognito.

Oliver Adam, 7 1/2 months, Singapore


Dear incognito,

I am delighted to tell that on our recent trip to India totaling 20 days we used Incognito daily and not only did we keep malarial infection at bay we did not even get bitten by any type of insect let alone mosquito. And this was despite 10 days in very rural areas walking in fields and through forest and scrub plus a further 10 days in and around the huge Delhi conurbation. I have confidence in using and recommending Incognito – and we had some left over when we got back.
Incognito provided what we wanted.
Thanks and best wishes

Terry Crimmings, June 12, 2007


I just returned from a holiday in Cyprus and was amazed that I didn't get bitten once using Incognito. That has never happened before.

Nick Williams, author of 'The Work we were born to do' and 'How to be inspired'


Last but by no means least, incognito is proud to be sponsoring Rob Gauntlett, James Hooper and all their crew on their extraordinary pole-to-pole expedition 180 degrees.  These brave young men, who as teenagers became the youngest Britons ever to conquer Everest, are in the middle of a perilous journey from the north to the south pole using only their own manpower (walking, ski-ing, cycling, sailing).  They are doing all of this to highlight climate change and in fact one of them nearly died because of the melting ice around the north pole.  Do check out their website to read more about them and their inspirational adventures.

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