Incognito Organic Natural Mosquito & Insect Repellent

What Is Incognito

Incognito is a powerful mosquito protection spray. It is a 100% natural, non greasy formulation. It also has a fresh pleasant smell. Most of the ingredients have been used for centuries by indigenous peoples of Asia to protect themselves from insects and the diseases they carry.

Incognito contains the maximum amount of the best quality citronella that can be used safely, along with eucalyptus blended in a special way with alcohol.  All of these combined actually make you 'invisible' to all small things that bite™! How come? Simply put, the insects that need to feed off us cannot sense our kairomones so they literally fly-by!

What are kairomones? Just as humans are attracted to each other's pheromones, insects are attracted to their hosts by kairomones - the kairomone mosquitoes are particularly attracted to is carbon dioxide. Others include lactic and carboxylic acids. All these kairomones are eliminated by the body in proportion to the rate of metabolism. Therefore the more active you are, the more attractive [a meal you are]! Kairomones can be detected by the female mosquito up to one kilometer away!

Mosquitoes sense these chemicals in a variety of ways, one way being the hairs on its antennae. One recent research project shows another way that these insects smell us: through a nose located in its mouth!

Incognito works by masking most of these kairomones, thus cloaking or camouflaging and protecting us like an invisibility cloak!

Although no product, not even the most toxic insecticides, provide total protection, incognito will.

protect you as effectively as those chemicals with one important difference: safely - according to two recent studies on oil of lemon eucalyptus.Incognito is 100% natural and is entirely safe for humans.

Incognito also interferes with mosquitoes' inbuilt target-seeking process thus providing a further shield. Mosquitoes have poor eyesight, but are highly light sensitive, so are able to differentiate easily between light and dark, which explains why, given the choice, they usually prefer paler skin tones.

Although the whole process as to why some people get "eaten alive" while others escape unscathed is not yet fully understood. Interesting research in the last two years from Professor John Pickett and Dr. James Logan has demonstrated that some people who don't get attacked from mosquitoes have an in-built set of odours in their sweat, that when exuded from their bodies counteracts their kairomones. At least one of these helpful chemicals is a natural food additive and can be made by plants. Logan told New Scientist, "because these are totally natural chemicals with an effectiveness that compares favourably to harsher chemicals such as DEET, which is the best available repellent available but has unwanted effects, including dissolving plastics." Logan further explains, "what is really happening is that these people produce chemicals that mask the attractive odours" [kairomones].

We believe that some of these masking chemicals are very similar to some of the ingredients found in incognito.

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