Why Bother Using Incognito

We at incognito believe we can only take so much from the earth and that our planet is in a perilous position, especially for our children's children. It needs help now, which is why we at incognito are part of the solution and run a carbon-positive emissions business. Here's how we do it:

All of our electricity comes from Ecotricity and is 100% wind-generated.

We switch off all our computers and electronic equipment rather than leaving them on stand-by for extended periods.

All of our vehicles are Environmentally Friendly Vehicles (EFVs). They are either 100% electric vehicles (EVs), which are literally powered indirectly by wind! Or we use super-efficient hybrids for longer-distance deliveries.

All our computers are Apple Mac’s because they leave less of a “Footprint” than PC’s.

Our printers are Croxsons who are the proud recipients of the ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate, and the first printers in the UK to achieve this standard.

Incognito is grown in nitrate-free fertilizer soil and no pesticides are used in cultivating the citronella or eucalyptus, there is no need as these plants naturally repel arthropods (insects).

There is no animal testing on any of our products. As it says on the bottle, tested on humans not animals.

Incognito is shipped rather than flown.

We employ local people to manufacture incognito and we pay fairly. 10% of our profit is ploughed back into local, third world communities who, wherever possible, are living in harmony with the planet.

We use minimal packaging and all incognito bottles and packaging is recyclable along with all our stationery.
Recyclable Jiffy Bags
We even compost our lunch leftovers in the company kitchen!.

We only use bio-degradable cleaning products where possible.

The amount of carbon dioxide emitted through manufacturing, shipping, printing and the petrol element of the hybrids is more than offset by our carbon projects which fall into two main categories. Firstly, we are curtailing carbon dioxide use in under-developed countries. For example we are changing all of the light-bulbs from inefficient to the latest energy saving ones, in Bethsaida Hermitage this is a charitable Eco-resort that directly funds two orphanages and other local charities.

Secondly, we at incognito are convinced that planting trees is still one of the most effective ways of capturing carbon from the environment provided they are planted in the southern hemisphere (Page 11 'The Ecologist' UK edition January 2007); "trees growing in the tropics can have a positive effect upon reducing global temperatures ... ". An interesting anecdote is that one tree grown to maturity will provide a lifetime's supply of Oxygen for one human being.

Every decision we make for our business is evaluated from an environmental perspective. We are a small ethically minded company, run as a flat hierarchy. We don't have work titles or labels - it simply says "A friend to the planet" on each of our business cards. Every incognito member is involved in the decision-making process.

See these sites for more info:
" - we sponsor expeditions that highlight climate change.

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