Incognito Organic Natural Mosquito & Insect Repellent

How To Use Incognito

Hold the bottle 6 inches away from skin or clothing to be sprayed. Hold breath to avoid sneezing and then spray on all exposed skin and clothing. Spray as frequently as required depending on the individual and the intensity of the insects present. It is a good idea to spray yourself whilst naked and then in addition spray your clothing as well.

On average, one adult will use one bottle of incognito per week. Though we do suggest you take a spare bottle.

Because of incognito's strength, a very small percentage of users, usually those with hyposensitive skin may develop an irritation to the product. If this could be you, then we suggest you do a "patch-test", spraying a small area of the body (e.g. inside your wrist) to see if any reaction occurs or alternatively, just use incognito on the outside of your clothing.

Although to most people the following advice is obvious we still need to point out do not spray incognito into your eyes (or anybody else's) and to avoid contact with the entire eye area. Apply on face, neck, head and ears by spraying incognito onto your hand and patting the solution onto these vulnerable areas. NB incognito is inflammable so keep away from naked flames!

Incognito should be applied over sun lotions or any other applications. In other words the last thing you apply on your skin needs to be incognito unless you are applying deet or another toxic repellent. In this case use incognito as a buffer between you and the chemical to moderate the deet’s absorption into your skin.

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