Incognito Organic Natural Mosquito & Insect Repellent

Diseases & Mosquitoes

A selection of the most prevalent transmitted arboviruses (arthropod-bourne virus) and the mosquito species that carry them. Accompanied by what time of day they feed and are thus, most active.

Disease Mosquito Time of day they prefer to feed
Malaria Anopheles (which have killed more people than all wars since the dawn of man) Dusk and Night
Dengue Fever Aedes Aegypti Day
Yellow Fever Aedes Aegypti Day
Chikungunya Aedes Aegypti Day
West Nile Fever 43 Mosquito species mainly Culex Day and Night
Ross River Culex Annulirostris & Ochlerotatus Vigilax Day and Night
Murray Valley Encephalitis
(previously Australian Encephalitis)
Culex Annulirostris Day and Night
Japanese Encephalitis Culex Annulirostris & Other Culexes Day and Night
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