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Avoiding Bites

This site aims to be the best resource on the web for avoiding mosquito bites. It contains the most currently available scientific research information in a simple easy-to-understand format. By following the suggestions on this page, you can avoid most insect bites.

Perhaps you are a seasoned explorer or this is your first trip, maybe you are a mosquito-magnet or only get bitten occasionally. Whatever your unique make-up, precaution and some thought is required to prevent getting bitten. The following advice depends on the intensity of the resident mosquito population and weather conditions - mosquitoes cannot fly properly in a breeze or when it is raining, though do make sure you carry protection for when the situation changes.

Different species of mosquito are attracted to varying kairomones and thus alternative repellents are needed to create a barrier to these attractants. However, as incognito cloaks rather than repels, you are essentially invisible to all small things that bite™. Please note that if an individual mosquito or other mite stumbles or blunders its way onto your skin it will probably still bite you. As stated elsewhere on this site no product not even the most deadliest chemical is 100% effective. It is all about risk management and all we can tell you is that the probability of getting bitten is significantly lower when you are camouflaged with incognito.

Mosquito activity peaks around dusk and dawn and it is advisable to stay indoors at these times. If you choose to be outside, do wear a long sleeved, light coloured top and full length trousers, tucking them into socks if the mozzies are intense, and use protection on ANY exposed skin. NB Mosquitoes can and will bite through thin fabric so you can do one or a combination of these three things to shield yourself:

  1. Apply protection to your skin before dressing, preferably using a natural compound such as incognito.

  2. Apply a protective solution to your clothing, again a natural product is recommended to avoid staining. Remember also that DEET dissolves synthetic fabrics.

  3. Use ambient safeguards such as smoke rings (never sleep in the same room as one burning as this can cause respiratory problems), citronella or oil burners.

In fact always cover up with suitable clothing and wear protection at night - preferably chemical free. Studies show conclusively that black, blue and green attract mosquitoes, as do floral patterns so clothing should ideally be white. Light olive and brown are also OK.

Always sleep under a good quality net and have it ready before you go out for the evening. Avoid emitting carbon dioxide, for example, by burning a candle as this invites them in.

Spray incognito on and around your door before entering as mosquitoes often lay in wait on the outside of doors and windows and this simple procedure helps to keep them out of your dwelling.

Wrap laundry up in plastic bags or other airtight containers and keep all luggage closed! Stay in screened accommodation or other safe refuges, where possible.

Avoid all fragrances. Some, such as lavender actually attract insects - just look closely at a lavender plant! Be aware that many toiletries and sunscreens along with some fabric softeners contain scent.

Pick a breezy spot when sitting or standing around. In the tropics this is usually a most pleasant sensation. Mosquitoes don't fly well in windy conditions or in air-conditioned rooms.

A lot of mosquitoes zero in on the ears, wrists and ankles because this is where the veins are most accessible and the skin thinner.  So always spray and cover up all over where possible.

Reapply natural products more frequently than chemical ones. Tropical strength safely™.

Mosquitoes are also drawn to water as this is where they breed. Try staying away from any stagnant water.

Perspiration is a common kairomone. Reapply protection after swimming and washing.  Many people get bitten after washing their hands as they forget to reapply protection, so remember after those toilet breaks reapply incognito! Remember any exposed non-protected skin is an open invitation!

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